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@ Béton Universel, our Montreal Concrete Repair Services & our team worked on several major projects in Montreal area during the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Including, but not limited to:

  • Metropolitan Boulevard
  • Jacques-Cartier and Mercier bridges
  • Olympic Village
  • Place Ville Marie

Though, since the millennium, Béton Universel & our Montreal Concrete Repair Services, have focused primarily on the industrial sector, providing a service that is incomparable within the Province of Quebec. Moreover, being a service oriented company, Béton Universel provides men for both large scale work and small minimum charge work. Mr. Chortyk, who owns a Concrete repair company in Montreal, takes great pride in the reputation of his Montreal company. A reputation of providing construction services at fair rates with experienced personnel. We pride ourselves on quick professional service.

Béton Universel – is a contractor based in Vaudreuil (Quebec) specialized in concrete repair. Our Montreal Concrete Repair Services with the held of our estimators have many years of experience in the construction industry. Also, our operators are experts in their trade and are eager to share their knowledge on the job site.

Concrete Finishing:

Concrete that will be visible requires finishing. Concrete slabs can be finished in many ways, depending on the intended service use. In slab construction, screeding is the process of cutting off excess concrete to bring the top surface of the slab to proper grade. A straight edge is moved across the concrete with a sawing motion and advanced forward a short distance with each movement.


Some projects require concrete demolition. Usually a 60-pound air breaker is the answer; however, there is other equipment that should be considered, chiefly when noise or vibration are important issues. Also, confined areas usually do not have sufficient ventilation. Therefore, to demolish the existing concrete, Béton Universel is outfitted with electric mini excavators equipped with hydraulic hammers. Therefore, the existing concrete will be demolished with no smell of diesel or propane.

Often, when our team conducts a full overhaul of an existing underground parking garage, we use electric equipment to minimize the fumes that are standard with diesel equipment. Les Spécialités en Béton Universel (SFF) demolishes concrete with these high powered hammers to allow for faster production of the project. Be it a full depth concrete repair, surface concrete repair, underside concrete repair to a structural concrete slab – our team is fully equipped to complete the job!

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