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A concrete parking garage or structure is used by people within the community during all seasons. Therefore, concrete parking garage repair and maintenance projects should be finalized with little delay to minimize down time. With that, because of limited parking space downtown – this highlights the importance of efficient concrete restoration work. Ultimately, municipalities and private owners seek professional and experienced Montreal Concrete Repair Specialists.

Our firm suggests a regular maintenance program that can preserve the structural integrity while preventing damage to the structural concrete. Moreover, to perform this concrete repair work – you require an experienced concrete repair expert.

Structural Integrity of Concrete

A concrete parking garage is subject to extraordinary stress. Therefore, the concrete parking structure will require concrete repair and maintenance. Montreal Concrete Parking Garage Repair should include concrete repairs to concrete beams, concrete ceilings and concrete slabs.

Where delamination and spalling occur, a quality concrete parking garage repair requires the concrete to be resurfaced at a minimum of 3 inches passed the area of delamination. It is crucial that if any rebar is exposed, the concrete should be chipped out at least ¾ below the reinforcing steel.

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