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We are the TOP Montreal Concrete Repair Service provider in the Province of Quebec!

Béton Universel is an innovator in concrete repair within Greater Montreal & surrounding Municipalities. We offer a wide variety of services that both repair & restore concrete structures. Concrete repair in Montreal allows for different challenges that are unique to our Great Province. The changing climate ultimately deteriorates concrete. This is why you need a Montreal Concrete Repair Specialist.

Early deterioration of Montreal Concrete is a result of the constant cycle of freeze/thaw with exposure to chlorides.  A scope of repair procedures and preventative maintenance is implemented by Béton Universel to guarantee that structural concrete in Montreal remains both structurally sound & safe.

Béton Universel has earned a reputation over the last 45 years for integrity and innovation. Our firm focuses on repairing concrete structures in the industrial and commercial sectors of Montreal & surrounding area. Having developed methods of strengthening, rehabilitation & waterproofing, Béton Universel is TOP concrete repair company in Montreal!

Béton Universel offers thorough solutions for all concrete repair work that includes the inspection of the structure before and after the Concrete Repair Work is performed. We work side by side with all the major structural engineers in Montreal while using the best materials and products within the concrete repair niche.

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