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We are a Montreal Industrial Concrete Contractor, Specializing in Industrial Concrete Repairs. Béton Universel wishes to provide professional Montreal Industrial Concrete Services throughout the Province of Quebec in the following specialized fields:

Machine Foundation Construction


Industrial Concrete WorkReinforced Concrete Machine Bases & Foundations

There is a high demand for heavy production machinery within the industrial sector of the Province of Quebec & Eastern Ontario. More often than not, these extremely heavy machines require a heavily reinforced foundation to support their mass. Béton Universel has earned a solid reputation within the Montreal industrial sector for fast and cost effective service for the construction of these foundations. When purchasing one of these machines, a firm is forwarded a plan with specific dimensions that meet the requirements to support the machine.

Béton Universel will then build the base & or foundation according to specifications of the engineering plans; meeting all the requirements for steel & concrete strength. Also, some machines require a specific ‘angle iron’ that must be positioned carefully around the perimeter of the foundation. Need not worry: Béton Universel has experienced welders to perform any welding needs.

The following is the scope of work required when building a machine base & or foundation pit:

  • Saw-cut the existing concrete floor into easily manageable blocks;
  • Remove the concrete blocks from the job site;
  • Excavate to the required depth;
  • Supply and place required reinforcing steel;
  • Form work;
  • Supply, place & compact crushed stone.
  • Supply, place & finish concrete.

Our team often works in the Ottawa Region for the construction of these concrete bases & or foundations designed for heavy production machinery. Machine base Construction in the Ottawa region has grown because companies are making capital investments in equipment that requires a heavily reinforced concrete base or foundation.

Also, while on site, because we are a specialized concrete contractor, our team often perform structural concrete repairs to the building in question. Our firm has vast experience in the concrete industry and our team performs the service of structural concrete repair in Montreal, Laval, South Shore & Eastern Ontario.