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Béton Universel has been in the construction business for over 50 years. As a Concrete Contractor, we have tackled many projects that range from Concrete Parking Garage Restoration to the Construction of Heavily Reinforced Concrete Machine Base Construction.

Béton Universel is well known within the Province of Quebec as a reliable Concrete Repair Contractor that also specializes in the construction of Machine Foundations.

More often than not, when heavily industrial production machinery is purchased, a reinforced concrete foundation is required to support the mass of the machinery. This is where our expertise come in to play!

It is crucial that these reinforced concrete machine foundations are constructed as per plan and specifications. Béton Universel performs all the work that is required to construct the reinforced concrete machine foundation – to enable as little down time as possible to our client. Also, within the industrial sector of the Province of Quebec, usually our clients wish for our team to saw-cut the existing concrete slab with electric concrete cutting equipment. This will allow work to continue within the plant without poor air quality.

As the TOP machine base construction contractor in Montreal, we pride ourselves on great service while meeting the required timelines on the project in question.  Béton Universel is fully aware that there is alot of money at stake – our team ensures our clients that the required machine base construction will take place with organisation & professionalism!

In the end, please contact our sales department @ 1855 613 4773 if you require the construction of a reinforced concrete machine base or any other concrete related work within Montreal.

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