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Béton Universel is the Premier Concrete Contractor in Montreal! A family owned business with over 50 years in the construction industry, Béton Universel has the expertise to service our clientele in the following areas of concrete work:

a) Montreal Concrete Sawing

b) Montreal Concrete Drilling

c) Montreal Concrete Parking Garage Repairs

d) Montreal Structural Concrete Repairs

e) Montreal Construction of Reinforced Concrete Machine Bases

f) Montreal Concrete Repairs to slabs on grade

g) Montreal Concrete Balcony Repairs

h) Montreal Concrete Beam Repairs

i) Montreal Concrete Column Repairs

Gavin Chortyk is the owner of Béton Universel. Mr. Chortyk’s desire to accomodate both industrial & commercial sectors has been in place for over 16 years. We are the EXPERTS in the construction of concrete machine foundation‘s within the Province of Quebec. Our firm has catered to great variety of industrial accounts for the construction of reinforced concrete machine base construction. This niche requires precision, organization & skilled labor for when a company purchases machinery that requires a reinforced concrete slab, there is a lot of money on the line. Béton Universel understands this & this is why our team is so well equipped & ready to move forward on any industrial concrete work.

In the end, please call 1855 613 4773 to speak to a representative if your firm requires any industrial or commercial concrete work. It would be our pleasure to discuss your concrete needs.


The Team @ Béton Universel