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Béton Universel | Montreal Concrete Contractor :

Polished concrete floors are becoming popular and it is competing with other materials because of its aesthetics value. These types of floors are popularly installed by big box stores, retailers, and homeowners, medical and educational institutions. Polished concrete floors can be used as decorative floors and they have many other benefits.

If you are planning to get the perfect floor for your property, you can check online for companies that finish concrete slabs & to get them to grind the concrete floor to get the best finish. Listed below, are more benefits as to why Béton Universel, a Montreal Concrete Contractor, recommends for your next concrete project.

In a residential setting, polished concrete floors don’t need the traditional floor covering. That means you save money and you don’t need to buy additional covering materials like carpets and such.  A polished concrete floor is permanent and so that means you don’t need to keep replacing it and offers longer life cycles.

As a Montreal concrete contractor, we can suggest that polished floors do not keep dust, allergens and dirt and they are easy to clean. This creates a safe environment for everyone around. Polished concrete floors are versatile and they come in a variety of designs and color which you can choose from. It can be used by homeowners to create a unique floor for their homes.

Benefits of polished concrete floors in retail and commercial settings

The cost of maintenance for polished concrete floors is very minimal compared to other construction materials. Retail stores and commercial buildings are prone to high foot traffic and polished concrete floors offer the best base because they are more resistant to tear.

A polished floor only needs damp mopping and they don’t require excessive labor time to wax or apply coatings. The floor is resistant to spills like oils and chemicals which makes it a longer service floor. Commercial and retail facilities need to be well lit and polished concrete floors have a reflective property that enhances the lighting in a building. This cuts the cost needed for additional lighting materials.

Some flooring materials like tiles do not have the ability to breathe and these can cause serious moisture transmission issues. Polished concrete floors on the other hand, are resistant to these issues because concrete is able to allow the floors to breathe. The floors do not need hazardous coatings or adhesives to keep them looking good.

The versatility of polished concrete

If you are looking for a unique look for your establishment, then polished concrete floors is the way to go. As a business owner, you have a choice on the level of sheen from high gloss to stain that meets your aesthetic and maintenance requirements. Polished concrete floors are commonly used by auto showrooms, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, large warehouses and even private residences.

Polished concrete floors are good alternatives to marble and granite floors because they are able to give a brilliant mirror like finish just like these materials. Granite and marble are expensive materials and not everyone is able to afford them. By applying a high gloss coating to the polished concrete floor, you are able to get a high degree of shine that marble and granite give. Polished concrete floors can be made to provide a terrazzo look by exposing the aggregate on concrete surfaces by grinding a few mils on the floor. You can also polish concrete that is integrally coloured to replicate the stone colour.

The bottom line

As you can see, one thing that stands out is that by using polish concrete floors you not only save on the construction material but, you continue to save even after. Concrete has continued to be the leading choice of material when it comes to construction due to its durability. As a Montreal concrete repair contractor, we can vouch for that!

Montreal Concrete Repair Contractor: Pyrite Concrete Repairs

As a Montreal Concrete Contractor, our firm wishes to advise you that concrete repair services are increasingly being sought after today. Not because concrete is a bad construction material, but because there are other reasons that affect the quality of concrete works. One of the major problems is because concrete contains too much pyrite. The repair of pyrite contamination should only be left to qualified contractors who have the experience to handle such cases. You need to understand how the problem comes about and how to go about treating it. This helps you in the long run by cutting costs on spending a lot of money on treatments that may not work.

Why pyrite is such a big problem

First of all, pyrite is a natural occurring mineral which is present in all types of rocks. Because of this reason, it is not unusual to find pyrite in concrete. Other types of minerals found in rocks help to add the strength in structures but pyrite works the opposite. Pyrite when exposed to oxygen oxidizes, which leads to a brownish color stain on the building rocks. This weakens the building material and can lead to collapsed buildings.

Pyrite is also known to release sulfite which when mixed with water forms an acid that eats away at the surrounding rocks. Cracks appear at these sites and can destabilize a structure. As you can see, pyrite can lead to great losses and even loss of life.

How to tell that concrete has excess pyrite

Check your property for signs of cracks especially in basement foundations and garages. Bulging floors and whitish particles in the concrete can also be a sign of the presence of pyrite in the concrete. These are not surefire signs to confirm the presence of pyrite and therefore you need to seek the services of a professional concrete expert to conduct chemical tests on the concrete to tell if the mineral is present. You can seek references from your friends on where to get quality building materials that do not pose a threat.

How to avoid the problem

Prevention is better than cure and so it is best to take measures that will help you avoid getting yourself in greater problems. Consider hiring a concrete expert who will conduct a chemical test on your building materials to check for the presence of pyrite. This means you need to spend more but it is totally worth it considering the loss that may come about due to negligence.

You may end up saving thousands of dollars in repair cost if the problem is caught early enough. Worst case scenario is that there can be loss of life due to collapsed buildings. The experts can advise you on where to get building materials that don’t contain pyrite.

What next if pyrite is present in building materials?

Not so many people are aware of pyrite and therefore they go ahead to use the building materials available only to realize later that it contains the mineral. What happens next? You should not despair because this problem can be fixed. Being a Quebec Concrete Contractor, it is essential that Concrete Contractors identify areas prone to pyrite and remove the aggregate parts affected. These void places are then filled up using other materials that are pyrite free. There are scenarios where large segments of concrete need to be removed due to pyrite and this can compromise the overall integrity of a building.

You need to work with experienced contractors to ensure that you do not put lives in danger and also avoid further damage to the building. You end up saving more by undertaking these repairs. You should never shy away from gathering all the information you need to know about construction and materials to be aware of what is ahead of you.

Imagine undertaking a basement, driveway or any other project where a concrete surface has to feature only to find out later that the concrete finishing process will be a challenge. You either don’t have the experts on board to do it or the ones you have do not know how to go about concrete finishing. This can of course drag your project and give you one or two sleepless nights. The good news however is the fact that concrete finishing is not has hard as it sounds. The process is the same for base construction and driveways. Here is how to go about it:

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Quebec Concrete Contractor: Concrete Parking Garage Repairs

As a Quebec Concrete Contractor, we wish to let you know that to facilitate your concrete rehabilitation projects, hire a concrete repair expert. Concrete experts ensure you end up with value for your money as far as concrete rehabilitation is concerned.

More people own vehicles today so it is vital to include a parking space to your multi-family property as this can attract potential buyers and tenants. However, the maintenance and repair of parking lots are not usually a priority for most building owners. This is the one area that gets the least attention after the initial construction, but what most people don’t know is that it can bring a lot of inconveniences for the owner and tenants if continued to be ignored.

You can approach a qualified company in your area that offers maintenance services and parking garage repairs at a reasonable cost. They advise you on what needs to be checked regularly so as not to affect the general structure of your property. Concrete parking structures are popular with most property owners due to their durability.

Benefits of a concrete parking structure

A contractor will advise you to go for a concrete parking structure because they are easy to maintain and repair when damaged. Concrete parking structures are strong and they can withstand climatic changes like deep frosting in the ground. Once you put up a concrete parking structure they are able to stay for generations to come.

You can paint concrete structures to a color that suits your taste and can be designed to match your property creating uniformity around your compound. In the case that you want to change the structural design of your parking area, you can use heavy machinery to remove the concrete structure and redesign it as pleased so that means they are versatile. Investing in a quality concrete parking structure greatly increases your property value and in the case you wish to sell your property in the future, you will be able to get a good offer.

Why you need regular parking structures maintenance and repairs

Regular maintenance is vital because it helps to preserve your parking structure and it prolongs the service life therefore, saving money in the long run. A good parking area should promote drainage away from the parking slots to avoid ponding that may lead to structural damage to the concrete surfaces.

Maintenance ensures that these drainages are always cleared out to avoid clogging which may lead to corrosion. An underground parking structure is very sensitive and can cause serious damage to the overall structure of a building if the drainage system is poorly done and may compromise the safety of the building putting people at risk. The following are ways you can overcome original construction imperfections to your parking garage to minimize structural repair costs.

Water filtration

When a parking garage does not have proper filtration systems installed it can cause serious corrosion to reinforcing steels of the structure therefore, leading to deterioration of the concrete structure. You can set up a good water filtration system to drain water from the parking decks to avoid ponding.

Install new drains

A good parking garage should have an adequate slope to enable proper drainage of water. In case this was overlooked in the initial construction of the parking structure, you can install new drains in a way you will not tamper with the structure in any way. You should always use qualified companies to handle such additions to avoid more damage to your structure.

Maintain sealants and coatings

Coatings can reduce the rate chloride penetrates through a concrete structure and therefore reduce the rate of wear on parking garage surfaces. Your parking garage eventually shows signs of abraded concrete in areas that are frequently used as turn areas and using a coating will extend the service life of the parking garage. Ensure to use quality coating materials to guarantee a perfect finish.

Usually, parking structures are expected to achieve a given lifetime. However, these structures are exposed to harsh conditions within the environment. Despite being constructed with steel reinforced concrete; most parking structures face corrosion related degradation. This is why it is necessary to take into account preventive maintenance and repair actions. With this, you are assured of the desired lifetime for your parking garage at a friendly cost.

The structures of most parking facilities have with time become more complex. Some of the challenges that the repair contractors face include: the combination of operational and structural features of the parking facility, unique attention for the maintenance of the structures to ensure longevity of the structure, multi-purpose facilities that have incorporated parking demanding 40 or more years of life expectancy and a more potentially destructive and severe service environment than what conventional structures can withstand.

Degradation impact

In the United States, parking structures often display deterioration signs between ten and fifteen years. Getting rid of the cracked or loose concrete will in turn expose the reinforcing bars which are corroded. This degradation will need immediate attention in terms of repairs to ensure the structure is acceptable for service or safety. It is obvious as to why this deterioration should be addressed early. If it is allowed to accelerate, it might be quite difficult to restore and repair the structure and cost you more. The more the deterioration accelerates the less effective the repairs become. Delaying parking garage rehabilitation leads to less life of the parking structure.

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Quebec Concrete Contractor: Machine Base Contractor

As a Quebec Concrete Contractor, we wish to inform you that the the construction of machine foundation requires precision. The best builders of these foundations will concur to this fact. If you plan to install heavy machinery, you will need a secure foundation. As a Quebec Concrete Contractor, we wish to inform you that to ensure proper construction of concrete bases for heavy production equipment, it is important to pay attention to every construction detail. The reinforced concrete foundation requires specific construction needs that is crucial to maintain the assurance that the machine will be running at full capacity.

Thorough research

Research on the foundation of heavy machinery installations has with time continued to grow in terms of development and strength. This is because extra measures have to be put in place for the machines to function properly without any failures or cracks. If anything less than this happened while the machinery is at full production, then the results would be catastrophic. This will not only cause severe damage to the machinery but it could also pose a great danger that could result even in the deaths of the workers there.

Therefore, the builders should be fully equipped with the nitty-gritty of installation of concrete foundations which are stable enough to handle any heavy machinery you plan to install thereafter. Ensure that you have proper knowledge of the company you plan to hire to do the construction for you.

Placing the right bases

Over the years, the production of heavy machinery has evolved greatly making them differ from their predecessors with a great margin. Currently, CNC machinery are built with the use of modular components that are linked to each other with the help of the electric components connecting them to the foundation which they lay on. This is the one thing that will determine the strength and quality of your foundation and whether it can withstand any vibration from any machine fixed to it. Being that the strength allows for proper installation, this in turn assures you of safety during operations.

Gear grinding machinery can pose a great danger to the surrounding and the constructors. Therefore, they require stability for the proper and precise positioning of the grinding head stanchion. Since it is vital to maintain the accuracy of the 1 DIN gear for grinding efficiency, the positioning must be done with respect to the tailstock modules and the work table.

The importance of ground survey

If the ground in which you install your concrete bases are not good, do not in turn expect them to serve your machines as anticipated. If by any chance the production plant happens to be sitting on none other than soft alluvial glacial soil, then this would be a great risk as the position of the heavy concrete foundation could be distorted. For this reason, a land surveyor’s services are very much called for. You will need a professional who has full knowledge of how to go about the examination of the terrain your plant will be expected to sit on. The surveyor will be expected to point out any risks in case the heavy concrete bases are to be installed and the probable solutions.

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